• Wedge-tailed eagle

    We have two magnificent
    wedge-tailed eagles.

  • Quolls Very cute babies

    These are spotted-tailed quoll
    About 100 days old.
    Having their first health check.

  • A pelican gang

    Could have a tough time
    reaching the toilet.

    Its ok there are more
    toilets on site!!
  • This is Teddy

    Our lovely female Koala

  • An adult Copper Head

    Tasmanias second most
    venomous snake

    We also have the most
  • The beautiful beach at Natureworld

    Relax and soak it all in

  • One of our devils

    I'm not as cute
    as I look!!

  • A young Brown goshawk

    This bird was successfully
    returned to the wild after
    being found injured on the
    road side.

Welcome to Natureworld

East Coast Natureworld is set amongst 150 acres of natural parkland and lagoons. The perfect place to experience Tasmania's unique animals, birds, reptiles. Operating for over thirty years, Natureworld offers a more intimate, interactive, and ultimately enjoyable experience with Tasmanian wildlife.   Originally a birdlife park, Natureworld has evolved into a nature world, where Tasmanian wildlife, birdlife and flora can be seen and appreciated by all.  With 150 acres of forest, lagoon and beach frontage the extensive park grounds allow you to wander around at your own leisure. Wheel chair & pram friendly paths allow all to experience the uniqueness of Tasmania up close. There is food and drink served for most of the day in the Gallery Cafe. For the wildlife photography enthusiast there is an extensive display of Tasmanian wildlife photography. The shop has a wide range of souvenirs with a wildlife and Tasmania theme.
Your experience begins as you are greeted by two very chatty Sulphur Crested Cockatoos and an amazing view of the lagoon. 



Latest news

December 2013

Welcome two new members to the team

We are pleased to welcome Udo and Linda Kreymborg. They have just moved to Bicheno from Western Australia. Udo will be our much needed pair of hands to build and maintain the park infrastructure. Linda will be a keeper and administrator and has a passion for Tasmanian wildlife having been born in rural Tasmania.

September 7th and 8th, 2013

Bird rehabilitation workshop

A two day bird workshop is to be held for those interested in bird rescue and rehabilitation. The guest speaker Dr Anne Fowler, Avian and Wildlife health vet will guide participants through the entire process from rescue, examination, treatment, rehabilitation and release.

August, 2013

Successful Tasmanian devil breeding

We are pleased to announce the insurance population of Tasmanian devils held at Natureworld has produced 12 babies between them.  This is a fantastic boost to the number of devils secure from the deadly facial tumor disease.  These babies are important genetic contributors to the future of this endangered species.

May 18, 2013

Wedding at Natureworld

Natureworld held its first wedding on the 18th of May. The happy couple were able to have lots of photographs with various special animals. Everyone was very pleased with the day. It was wonderful for animal lovers to have this opportunity.